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Fulbright Fellowship Campus Deadline

Friday, August 18th, 2017 at 5:00pm
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The Dean of the College Office is pleased to announce the campus deadline for the Fulbright Fellowship. Current juniors and seniors must submit a complete application to UFunds, Brown´s online application system by Friday, August 18. UFunds will open on Monday, June 12.

The Fulbright Scholarship supports one year of independent research, English Teaching, or graduate study in one of over 160 possible countries. For details about each particular Fulbright country program, consult the Fulbright website. For specific information about applying for the Fulbright, carefully read the instructions on the fellowship website. The website will always have the most up to date information.

All application materials including letters of recommendation are due on August 18. For Spanish language evaluations, those students seeking a language evaluation from our Hispanic Studies department have an extension to September 9 for this part of the application. Please contact the Hispanic Studies Department Administrator to arrange an evaluation.

Additional Information for those still deciding about their country and project.

For potential ETA applicants who are deciding among countries, it is important to consider the particular "grade" level of the teaching assignment (elementary school through to adult learners), the location of most placements (city vs. country), and whether or not there is the opportunity to pursue a side-project, which can be language study, the pursuit of a serious hobby, a particular kind of after school activity with your students, or something academic. You need to make sure that your side project description is short and does not seem to be the focus of your proposal. Make sure you emphasize your interest in learning about the particular culture of the host country and sharing something unique about your involvement with U.S. culture if possible. Once you have thought about the above, it can also be useful to consult the competition statistics. You'll find a link to the statistics on the right side of the top banner of the Fulbright webpage.

Those candidates interested in going to an Arabic-speaking country for a research project might want to consider one of the Persian Gulf states such as Oman, Beharain, Kuwait, or the UAE (these locations are typically under subscribed). Others who are open to various regions, might think about Eurasia or South and Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Keep in mind that the less competitive countries often have less stringent (or non-existent) language requirements and are open to applicants with little formal teaching experience (but applicants do need to have a clear interest in teaching). For the English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) program, East Asia has many wonderful opportunities and several countries are often under subscribed such as Macau, Mongolia, and Laos. Malaysia is also a great option as they offer many awards and typically do not receive a large number of applications.

Fellowships at Brown University

UFunds, Brown's online application system

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