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Mentoring Program

Open Opportunity


Age Limit18 and up
We have begun a new Refugee Mentoring Program. The vision is that the volunteer and matched refugee individual or family a couple times a month to work on English language skills (vocabulary and conversation) by fostering relationships between each other and within the community.  This may involve going to homes to help with English practice, showing them around the community (go with them to the bank or grocery shopping, go to parks or the library), or help with transportation to classes/events at the Refugee Dream Center.  The goal is to help show individuals how to become independent in their community while focusing on building key relationships.

Suggested Activities:

-          Meet at home

-          Meet at Refugee Dream Center

-          Assist with transportation to Wednesday ESL class at RDC from 4-6

-          Practice Conversational English

-          Practice taking the bus

-          Go to local parks

-          Go to the beach

-          Assist with store visits

-          Helping with transportation to RDC events

-          Assist with daily errands

-          Visit around Providence and Rhode Island

Please Contact if interested in being matched with a refugee.
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Parking DetailsWe have a parking lot as well as street parking available.
CausesImmigrants & Refugees
SkillsHelp w/People Mentoring
8 Positions Filled | 3 Impacts | 20 Hours

Location: 340 Lockwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02907