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Artist Mentor - New Urban Arts

Saturday, September 29th, 2018 to Friday, May 17th, 2019


SupervisorAshley Cavallaro
Hiring ManagerAshley Cavallaro
Artist Mentor. 
Artist Mentors at New Urban Arts contribute 4 hours a week between October and May, and also participates in a professional development program of monthly meetings, a 2-day orientation and a full day retreat in February. Mentors must be available in the afternoons, preferably 3-7pm.       
Under the direction of the Director of Programs, Mentors will: 
Build relationships with young people through conversations and community building: 
• Respond to the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of our students. 
• Model creative practice (join in the art making) and building community with students. 
• Introduce students to new media, artists, galleries, libraries, museums, books, community resources, etc. 
• Use an inquiry, asset-based and supportive approach to meeting students’ needs that promotes self-esteem and self-awareness of youth. 
Create a safe environment for students to develop their creative practice: 
• Create a learning environment clear of bias and judgment. 
• Promote an atmosphere of collaboration and high expectations for each student. 
• Support students as they learn and grow. 
Participate in year-long professional development program: 
• Participate in monthly trainings/meetings 
• Attend two weekend retreats throughout the programming year
• Share your own process and growth as a mentor within the NUA community with fellow artist mentors through reflective activities. 
Contribute to the New Urban Arts Community: 
• Participate in organizational events, such as: exhibitions, annual campaign, performances and workshops.