Providence Parks Department



The Parks Department is making a dramatic impact on the quality of life in every Providence neighborhood. We are strengthening and challenging our workforce, engaging community partners, improving systems and operations that allow us to build our capacity to create unique and thriving community spaces. We are proud. We are Parks!

Vision: Providence’s parks and recreation opportunities are essential components of a healthy, creative, and family-friendly city.

Mission: The City of Providence’s Department of Parks will coordinate a park and recreation system in which all residents have access to fully programmed, fully operational, and well-maintained parks, facilities and programs that meet both current and future parks and recreation needs.

The City of Providence will ensure that all residents in every Providence neighborhood have access to a public park that is a safe and healthy community hub. This will provide a network of neighborhood-based parks spaces where all residents, particularly children and youth, are engaged, healthy, and feel safe. We will achieve this mission through robust neighborhood engagement with parks “Friends Groups” and city-wide support for parks programming and infrastructure that is as special and unique as the kids, adults, and staff who use them.

5 People | 34 Impacts | 328 Hours

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