Efiwe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and delivering University textbooks to African post-secondary institutions' libraries. This will help alleviate the lack in African post-secondary institutions and expose the students to relevant texts. Efiwe is a Non-Profit Organization based in the United States with the aim of continuing to enrich the educational experiences of Africans in higher institutions back on the continent. We believe that access to more and better books/textbooks will significantly impact on the human capital in Africa and therefore lead to a more educated populace and a better Africa. We will run a very open and transparent system of book collections, donations and transport to Africa and to deserving institutions. Please feel free to ask us questions about our process and handling of resources (financial, educational etc.). Vision To contribute our quota to the development of Africa by engineering student’s access to quality educational materials, books, journals, and tools. This will help in the delivery of the human capital development that is required for the long awaited development of Africa. Give Books, Make a change
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