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SquashBusters is a program for youth in grades 6-12 who live in Providence; this year we will introduce the program to 28 PPSD 6th graders. Participants attend two-three days a week and participate in the following activities: homework help, academic enrichment (study skills, public speaking, college preparation, etc.), social-emotional health and development activities, squash practices, matches, and tournaments, community service projects, and team field trips. SquashBusters strives to help every young person in our program recognize and fulfill their potential. Our program focuses on three key goals for students: 1) College: SquashBusters’ academic programs help support students’ school progress with the ultimate goal being that all students enroll in and graduate from a higher education program (college, university, technical school, etc.) 2) Character: SquashBusters helps youth develop a deep sense of character and personal integrity, and 3) Health: SquashBusters engages youth in regular physical activity and educates youth about how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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