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Options Magazine is a magazine that was established in 1982 and has been through many changes in its rich history. People still speak emotionally of the paper’s first 15 years when it was a lone media voice, an oasis for people who felt alone, disconnected, disempowered, afraid, or confused. Today, its importance as a unique and important voice, continually building and supporting our community, is as strong as ever. We are truly the publication of record for the LGBTQ community in Southeastern New England. Always more a public service than a business proposition, Options is distributed free to numerous locations around the state. Subscriptions are available for free and can be requested here on our website. Our advertisers pay a modest amount to reach a desirable consumer audience. In turn, Options has always kept its mission in mind, to bring to our readers news they simply can’t get anywhere else. Our exclusive focus has always been — and continues to be — the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Rhode Island. We hold to the highest editorial standards, and make every effort to support the many non-profit organizations that serve our community. The readers come first at Options, and we are grateful for their love and support. Almost every day, we hear from someone who loves this publication for its calendar of events, news and information and the comprehensive Resources section printed in every issue. We have helped so many in their coming out process, in answering their questions about the important issues in their lives, and in bringing the community together in a way that only Options does. The entire Options family is proud to have produced 35 years of issues that have not only chronicled, but in many cases led, advances in understanding and rights for LGBTQ people in Rhode Island. We take our job very seriously, but we have a lot of fun with it too.
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