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The Village Link (TVL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Providence, California and Sierra Leone. Our mission is to build capacity and achieve long-term economic sustainability in rural underserved communities with business solutions and programs in education and vocational/entrepreneurial training, powered by solar and innovative technology.

In 6 years we have created an innovative hybrid model that includes a social benefit for-profit component that will eventually sustain local non-profit programs. Our core programs include: 1) early childhood education (ECE); 2) digital literacy (DL) courses; 3) vocational training and entrepreneurial mentorship (VEM). These programs are building a foundation for longterm sustainability and providing long-term impact in communities where people survive on less than $1.90 a day.

Today we have two community resource centers equipped with solar power, internet, computers, tablets, printers and more.
  1. ECE: We run the early childhood development program in 3 communities and expanding to more communities by the end of the year. We teach parents the benefits of education and provide children with a foundation to education. We hire local teachers and work closely with community leaders and elders to provide basic education including: math, reading, shapes, colors, language, tribal history, health, sanitation and nutrition.
  2. DL: Our courses are building a rural digital workforce for the first time in Sierra Leone. Successfully certified students will have the opportunity to take on remote work with in-country tech partners building apps, websites, data entry and other opportunities.
  3. VEM: Each center offers business services: printing, photo-copying, laminating, solar charging, internet cafe and more. We hire and train local people to operate the business, teaching basics of business, accounting, marketing, sales and more.
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