The Oasis Wellness & Recovery Centers of RI



Oasis is a peer support center for adults in recovery from mental health and substance use issues. We are usually open Monday thru Friday from 9:30AM to 3PM. We have a variety of in person and online support groups and activities. 

We have support groups at various times every day of the week which members can join to participate in recovery-oriented support groups, do artistic activities to promote artistic and social development, do karaoke to promote musical and social development, and more. We have some support activities, like a Hearing Voices support group, Emotions Anonymous,, social groups, and more.

We have periodic trainings to help people build their own support system such as Wellness Recovery Action Planning or WRAP, or relate better with and support their peers (Intentional Peer Support or IPS).

The physical location of Oasis in Providence is at 134 Mathewson Street in Providence.

For more information, email us as or call us at 401-831-6937.

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