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Sophia Academy engages girls from low income families on a joyful quest for self‐discovery and opportunity through a middle school education grounded in social justice.


An equitable world where girls and women are seeking fulfillment, realizing their dreams,
and inspiring others.

Facts About Sophia Academy

  • 258 graduates

  • 13 full- and part-time teaching and guidance faculty

  • More than 60% of Sophia’s Class of 2019 was accepted to Classical High School, which accepts approximately 30% of applicants each year

  • 100% of Sophia Academy graduates earn a high school diploma; most matriculate to higher education

  • 69% of our graduates are in the first generation in their family to go directly from high school to higher education          

  • 82% of Sophia Academy students qualify for free or reduced meals

  • The school’s budget in 2021-2022 is approximately $1.5 million

  • Sophia’s $1.5 million endowment is invested with the Rhode Island Foundation

  • The school is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE) and is a member of the National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS) and National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

Sustainable Development Goals
4 People | 4 Impacts | 5 Hours

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