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Inspiring Minds

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Asa Messer Info Sheet 2018-2019
 1/19/19 12:21pm
Alan Shawn Feinstein at Broad Street Elementary School Info Sheet
 1/19/19 12:21pm
 1/7/19 6:14pm
 1/7/19 6:14pm
Mary Fogarty Elementary School 18-19 Info Sheet
 1/19/19 12:22pm
This document tells volunteers why Inspiring Minds chose GivePulse and the benefits of becoming a member.
 8/8/18 9:01am
A brief overview of the GivePulse Features for Undergraduates volunteering for credit.
 1/28/19 12:57pm
This document will tell you how to cancel a shift if you cannot make it.
 8/8/18 9:00am
 1/23/19 3:53pm
Instructions on how to upload your BCI and ID to GivePulse
 8/8/18 8:58am
Read this for information about how to add hours, register for your volunteer shift, upload your BCI, and more!
 7/24/18 7:44pm
Providence Public Schools Mandatory Reporting Protocols and Agreement.
 8/22/18 3:11pm
To record agreement to OCFSW Tutor/Mentor
 10/5/18 9:26am
Providence Public Schools Confidentiality Agreement - 11/6/18
 11/6/18 5:38pm
 2/3/19 12:13pm
Please read this if you are a teacher requesting volunteers from Inspiring Minds.
 7/17/18 5:31pm
Teacher guidelines and expectations for the Kindergarten Project.
 8/27/18 6:32pm
 2/3/19 12:09pm
Inspiring Minds Volunteer Agreement and Background Check Consent
 8/22/18 3:14pm