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Karen Bryer

ConnectRI: expanded Tablet program to PHA with a pilot with wellness coordinator; follow up meeting with Aquidneck Island working towards best next step;
CS4RI: planning follow up on district implementation planning; looking towards PVD out of school outreach; survey work with elementary students

Gave 40.00 hours between 05/20/2019 and 05/24/2019 with BrownEngage
Jasmine Ngai
Aya Bisbee
Alexandria Elkhadem
I Young Kim

Gave 7.00 hours on 05/16/2019 with Community Corps Program, Lifespan Community Health Institute - Connect for Health, The Swearer Center
Aya Bisbee
Aya Bisbee
Nicie Grier-Spratley
Rachana Chau
Rachel Fotheringham

Gave 40.00 hours between 05/13/2019 and 05/17/2019 with BrownEngage, The Swearer Center
Sarah Finnigan

Gave 39.00 hours between 05/13/2019 and 05/17/2019 with BrownEngage, H20 After School Programs, William D'Abate Elementary School/D'Abate Community School
Maude Gorman
Karen Bryer

CS4RI: Industry partnership meeting and followup; urban ed policy shareout;
ConnectRI: student focus groups with PVD; biweekly call; poster work; Toolkit sent out with PHA newsletter, outreach to partners
Paper circuitry work with PPL

Gave 32.00 hours between 05/13/2019 and 05/17/2019 with BrownEngage

Private user @ Generation Citizen

Gave 2.50 hours on 05/13/2019
Rachana Chau