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Maria Bolanos
Cristina Taylor
Joseph Reindl
DeeAnn Guo
Anuva Goel

My learner and I continued learning about the structure of the army. We reviewed key terms about the hierarchy of the army, and Robert practiced saying them. At the same time, we examined images of these various groups in the army, which my learner enjoyed seeing to fully understand and visualize the experience of these soldiers and their leaders. As my learner repeated the various army vocabulary, he was having difficulty with phonetics and had previously mentioned he wanted to work on that. As a result, we transitioned into writing out the alphabet and identifying vowels and reviewing the sounds that consonants make.

Gave 1.00 hour on 11/20/2017 with BrownEngage, Community Corps - PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning), Perspectives Corporation, The Swearer Center
Julia Tetreault

Today we searched for, read, interpreted and wrote down a recipe for gluten free mac and cheese. We then "shopped" for the ingredients and found that it would cost around $27 to make this recipe, and discussed what that would mean when grocery shopping.

Gave 1.00 hour on 11/20/2017 with Community Corps - PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning), Community Corps Program
Isabella Cavicchi
Mary Marshall
Alisha Thompson

Today, I focused on getting social media graphics completed for the week. Facebook event pages need to be made for the public and PD events, so I spent most of the day drafting those and graphics for the cover photo, Instagram/Twitter posts, etc.

Gave 8.50 hours on 11/20/2017 with BrownEngage
Joseph Urban
Gertrude Morgan Dadzie

Successes: Completed Thank You emails to Brown DCs
Checked-in with Outreach Director

Challenges: None

Stories from the field: none

Weekly goal: finish DIWG assignment

Progress from last goal: 40% of DIWG assignment completed

Gave 20.00 hours between 11/19/2017 and 11/21/2017 with BrownEngage, The Swearer Center