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Engaged Scholars Program

Malini Naidu

Week 8

Gave 31.00 hours between 08/04/2019 and 08/08/2019 with BrownEngage, iProv Fellowship, Engaged Scholars Program, Engaged Scholars 2021
Malini Naidu

week 7

Gave 37.00 hours between 07/28/2019 and 07/31/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Scholars 2021, Engaged Scholars Program, iProv Fellowship
Malini Naidu

Week 6

Gave 37.00 hours between 07/21/2019 and 07/24/2019 with BrownEngage, iProv Fellowship, Engaged Scholars Program, Engaged Scholars 2021
Malini Naidu

I did medical scribing, check in/check out, and worked on promoting the wellness program (zumba classes).

Gave 20.00 hours between 07/14/2019 and 07/24/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Scholars 2021, Engaged Scholars Program, iProv Fellowship
Malini Naidu

Week 4

Gave 33.00 hours between 07/07/2019 and 07/10/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Scholars 2021, Engaged Scholars Program, iProv Fellowship

Sam Diaz spent his practicum at the Refugee Dream Center, a local post-resettlement, non-profit organization that works to fill the numerous gaps in refugee resettlement including housing, employment, and transportation. Sam worked to strengthen the volunteer management and adult education program of the organization. He attended and lead led dozens of ESL tutoring sessions for the organization. Sam created a volunteer guide that included information about the organization, cultural considerations, and teaching ESL to the refugee population. He also helped to implement volunteer workshops to provide volunteers with information on the Refugee Dream Center's pedagogy and its approach to social justice.

Gave 230.00 hours between 06/30/2019 and 08/30/2019 with Engaged Scholars 2020, Refugee Dream Center
Antonella Portugal

Antonella Portugal continued her previous work with the Rhode Island Center for Justice for her practicum. Based in Providence, the Center is a non-profit public interest law center that uses a community partnership-based approach to strengthen existing advocacy and provide free legal representation and strategy in housing, utilities, and other areas that impact the low-income community. Antonella spent much of her time working on a criminal justice research project focusing on histories of assault in correctional officers at the Adult Correctional Institute in RI and their intersection with inmate assault. Antonella also has become adept at conducting and interpreting for client intakes. In addition, she was part of a team that created a passport checklist and accompanying videos in Spanish and English for families with undocumented parents and citizen children.

Gave 168.00 hours between 06/16/2019 and 07/31/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Scholars 2021, The Swearer Center
Malini Naidu

This week was mostly a training week. I learned how to do medical scribing and the check out desk at the clinic.

Gave 31.00 hours between 06/16/2019 and 06/19/2019 with BrownEngage, iProv Fellowship, Engaged Scholars 2021, Engaged Scholars Program
Elana Hausknecht

My name is Elana and during the summer of 2019 I worked at the Department of Art, Culture + Tourism (AC+T) in Providence, RI. I worked primarily with Micah Salkind, AC+T’s Special Projects Manager, on the Woonasquatucket River Greenway Arts (WRGA) project, which is a partnership between AC+T and several nonprofits in Olneyville, dedicated to celebrating and enriching the Woonasquatucket River river through art. My responsibilities included co-coordinating a celebratory nighttime procession along the Woonasquatucket River, publicizing WRGA events, and surveying participants, along with other fun aspects of logistics and planning. I also helped support work on the initial community engagement aspects of writing Providence’s 2020 Cultural Plan. As a musician and urban studies concentrator, I have found it incredibly cool to get intern with AC+T because a central goal here is to support Providence’s artists and communities!

Gave 200.00 hours between 06/11/2019 and 08/08/2019 with Engaged Scholars 2021

Luna McNulty spent her practicum at the Berks Community Action Program (BCAP) in Reading, Pennsylvania. BCAP provides low-income community members with a variety of services, including job preparation, financial assistance, and family support. Luna developed technical solutions to help with issues BCAP was experiencing, for example, by building a database of client information to help comply with federal regulations. She also worked in a variety of other capacities in tasks such proofreading, technical support, and front-desk work.

Gave 248.00 hours between 06/10/2019 and 08/21/2019 with Engaged Scholars 2020
Naotaro Kato

MY LINK Summer Program Math Teacher
ESP Practicum

For my second year, I worked as a Summer Math Teacher at MY LINK AFTER SCHOOL LEARNING CENTER in Lomita, California. It is a small afterschool program that does homework help during the school year, and a 11-week summer program during the vacation. In three compact classrooms with 28 students ages five to thirteen, I planned and taught a 2nd to 5th grade and 6th to 8th math class. MYLINK is a standard summer school--except for the fact that all the students are, one way or another, connected to Japan. Students have different language and cultural barriers that other summer schools may be unconcerned about. However, here, the teachers plan a curriculum that is inclusive of the different needs and strengths of the students. and make sure that the students are enjoying their learning experience.

Gave 396.00 hours between 06/09/2019 and 08/22/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Scholars 2021
Angel Mendez-Flores

Angel Mendez-Flores spent his summer in Washington, D.C., working as a policy intern at the Mexican-American Legal and Educational Fund, the leading Latinx civil rights organization in the United States. As a policy intern, Angel had the opportunity to attend Supreme Court decisions, attend Congressional hearings and conduct his own research. Angel had the opportunity to witness the Court’s ruling in the case regarding the 2020 census question and also attended hearings on issues of family separation - both of which are directly related to Angel’s main area of interest: immigration. He also had the opportunity to write a policy brief on the subject, in which he proposed answers to the growing problems in the area of immigration.

Gave 408.00 hours between 06/09/2019 and 08/19/2019 with BrownEngage
Sabrina Edelman

Sabrina Edelman spent her summer working for the International Crisis Group in their UN Advocacy Department. She met with diplomats and various UN officials about the work the International Crisis Group does, took notes on UN meetings, assisted with research projects, did fact-checking, and numerous other duties. The bulk of her time was spent keeping up to date on what the UN was doing in relation to the areas the Crisis Group works in.

Gave 240.00 hours between 06/07/2019 and 08/09/2019 with BrownEngage, The Swearer Center
Lena Renshaw

Lena Renshaw spent her practicum at Flatiron Health in New York City, a healthcare software company providing Electronic Health Record (EHR) software to community cancer clinics and conducting research on cancer data. The company’s mission is to learn from the experience of every cancer patient. This is twofold: from learning from their experiences, they can better their EHR software to reflect more specific needs that patients have; additionally, they can conduct research using this patient data from every patient that opts in. Lena created a feature within Flatiron’s EHR software which can automatically import specific treatments for common cancers into patient records if a clinician wants to prescribe that course of treatment. This feature made cancer treatment safer for patients by eliminating this manual process for common diagnoses, and saved on average 14 minutes per patient for clinicians - meaning they had more time to care for more patients.

Gave 1000.00 hours between 06/04/2019 and 08/08/2019 with Engaged Scholars 2020