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    PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning) Student Group

    I didn't have any more sessions this week, of course, but I spent my time wrapping up things with PAL! I posted again on IG and FB and created a social media tip sheet to pass on the login info and some suggestions/helpful info.

    Gave 5.00 hours on 08/05/2021 with BrownEngage
    PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning) Student Group

    My last two weeks of tutoring sessions went really well! I feel like we accomplished the tentative goals we set at the beginning of the summer, and it was bittersweet to say goodbye! I also worked a lot with the two RISD graphic design students these past few weeks to get their designs ready to print. I got our IG follower number up to 100+ and posted on FB as well. I'm working on a basic social media info sheet including the IG login and some post ideas to pass on to the next person who might do social media for PAL!

    Gave 20.00 hours between 07/16/2021 and 07/29/2021 with BrownEngage
    PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning) Student Group

    My tutoring sessions this week went well! With two weeks left to go, we're making good progress through our plans for the summer. I had a meeting with some of the leadership team and the two RISD graphic design students to talk over their Starlog and certificate designs, which was very productive -- we have a deadline for them and they have what they need to finish up! I also posted a "how to get involved with PAL" post on IG and FB, and gathered some old photos to post soon (and Alexus confirmed the people in them gave consent for photo publishing). I started working on my Starlog pages as well.

    Gave 10.00 hours between 07/08/2021 and 07/15/2021 with BrownEngage
    PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning) Student Group

    I had my four hours of tutoring this week, and all the sessions went well! We're working through our plans/goals for the summer steadily. I spent about an hour to an hour and a half looking for materials and making plans for the sessions. I also met with the RISD students who are doing some graphic design work for us and scheduled a meeting for them to bring their work to the leadership team. I've been working with them to design an instagram post or two as well. I spent some time trying to gain more followers for PAL and posting IG stories as well as putting together some text content and an interest form for future posts.

    Gave 9.00 hours between 07/01/2021 and 07/08/2021 with BrownEngage
    PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning) Student Group

    My sessions with my four learners this week went well! We're making some good progress on our topics and the goals we've set for the summer, and I feel like I'm getting to know them even better. I spent some time putting together more materials and fun games to use with the learners in upcoming sessions. I've been communicating with the RISD graphic design artists who are doing some work for us, and we scheduled a meeting for early next week so we can talk about what they've made so far. I have also been working on creating an interest form for PAL to put on social media, brainstorming instagram/facebook post ideas, and working on getting more instagram followers.

    Gave 10.00 hours between 06/24/2021 and 07/01/2021 with BrownEngage
    PAL (Partnership for Adult Learning) Student Group

    I had a session today and worked on ASL with my learner! I also spent several hours yesterday and today designing IG posts/story and a potential Facebook post design, following people on IG, and inviting people to like the FB page.

    Gave 4.00 hours between 06/22/2021 and 06/23/2021 with BrownEngage
    Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) Tutor

    Three of these hours are my tutoring sessions thus far this week. They're going well; with one learner, we've been playing math bingo, since he loves bingo and it helps him practice addition and subtraction. With another learner, we're learning about sports officials and history -- we read about soccer officials and rules and watched videos about NBA referees. With my third learner, we're reading a book of Disney stories together to practice her reading and spelling. I spend some time preparing materials and ideas for these sessions, and I also met with Jared for my check-in, where we touched base and he offered some suggestions for my social media work. I've been following people on our Instagram page to get some follows back and preparing leadership feature posts as well as keeping in contact with the RISD students who are doing some graphic design work for us!

    Gave 5.50 hours between 06/19/2021 and 06/22/2021 with BrownEngage, Perspectives Corporation
    Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) Tutor

    One of these hours was my Thursday tutoring session. My learner and I worked on ASL -- learning the alphabet and numbers plus practicing basic conversational phrases. I also had a meeting with several RISD students in order to get started on their graphic design work of the certificates and starlog format; they also will be contributing social media post designs. They're excited to get started! I posted our first Instagram post after getting in touch with Alexus and Sara, a social media manager at Perspectives, and I started to build followers along with planning and drafting leadership intro posts.

    Gave 5.00 hours between 06/15/2021 and 06/17/2021 with BrownEngage, Perspectives Corporation
    Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) Tutor

    Three of these hours were spent in tutoring sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. With my first learner, we played math bingo and math equation "two truths and a lie," which he enjoyed! I think we'll play both games in the future and maybe increase the difficulty of the math problems slightly if he wants to. With my second learner, we chatted and continued to plan for reading a book this summer -- she's going to look at the books in her house and see if any of them are ones she'd like to read, but I also have some options that she was interested in if she can't find a book at home. With my third learner, we read some articles and watched some videos together about sports officials and what they do. Afterwards, we talked about the things we learned that surprised us and compared the different types of officials. I think he really enjoyed the materials and discussion!

    During the other three hours, I reached out to the RISD graphic design department to pass along details of design work that we could have students do. I communicated with some RISD students and planned a meeting so that we could go over the project. I also got photos and bios from the PAL leadership team to make intro posts on Instagram and worked on designing the first posts for IG, as well as researching best social media practices for nonprofits.

    Gave 6.00 hours between 06/13/2021 and 06/15/2021 with BrownEngage, Perspectives Corporation
    Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) Tutor

    I had a meeting with the PAL leadership team to go over my projects for the summer (social media and reaching out to RISD students for graphic design work). I got to meet the rest of the team, which was great!

    Gave 1.00 hour on 06/10/2021 with BrownEngage, Perspectives Corporation