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Community Sport Fellows

This week was a weird week for me. I woke up on Monday for workouts and was feeling nauseous and was advised to sit out a day or two as I may have the "bug" that was going around our team. So I was forced out for two days but that did not change my overall approach to the week. I went into this week thinking "Will I love/struggle with my students for the last two weeks of the summer?" I can honestly say I will be doing a bit of both. I will love them during them and struggle to see them go back to whatever situation they are going through. They welcomed me with smiles and hugs at both sites and it made me really appreciative.

Made an impact between 07/28/2019 and 07/31/2019 with BrownEngage
Community Sport Fellows

Ryan safety training with Community Sport Fellows

This week I took time to privately teach a student how to stay afloat in the water. This is one of the main skills that Kendra and I want to teach the students and it made me happy to see that my student didn't give up when he was stuck. He was frustrated that he couldn't do it and reached out for help. Although he didn't perfect it in our time together, he was given the tools he needed to work on it the proper way.

Did safety training of 1.00 on 07/21/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Sport
Community Sport Fellows

Q: What are your impressions of the children in your program?
A: Im warming up to the kids. My eyes were truly opened because I'm so used to work with white children of allfuency. When I got to Neut, I was so surprised by the demographic of just about all hispanic kids. Some of the kids at Neut are harder to push to play than the ones at Fox Point Boys and Girls Club. I really enjoy Fox Point. I finally got my whistle on Wednesday and it made life a lot easier. I find that kids participate more when I play with the kids and coach in between moments of the game.

Q: How many are in your group? What are their ages? Gender?
A: At Neut, I coach football for about 25-30 boys ages 6-14. At Fox Point, we have a range of kids throughout the morning that are from ages 7-13.

Q: Are they prepared to ‘play’?
A: I would say at both sites, 90% of the kids are prepared to play. I have a few kids that would rather be on their phones or reading or doing something else but most of them are excited to play. Some kids try to play in flip flops but they wanna play so that's a good thing.

Q:What are the challenges?
A: I challenge is finding the balance between yelling too much nd being too nice. Once I got my whistle, I felt like I had to blow it too many times to get the kids' attention. There is a lot of small chatter when they aren't in the drills so tightening that up will allow everything to flow better. Also some of the kids play in flip flops

Q:What has been working?
A: The games, jokes, and communication between me and my coaching partner (Olivia or Kendra)

Gave 15.00 hours on 07/11/2019 with BrownEngage, Engaged Sport