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    Highlander Institute
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    April CAB
    - recruitment
    - CAB fund
    April CPN
    - Tyler PIR presentation
    - Brown Fall Plan
    Bonner RFP
    CP policies and practices
    Reformulated check in questions

    Gave 134.00 hours between 03/31/2021 and 04/29/2021 with BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    March CPN
    March CAB
    - CAB Fund
    - Recruitment
    - Bylaws
    - Leadership & Organization
    - #Meetthepartners
    CP working meetings

    Gave 150.00 hours between 02/28/2021 and 03/30/2021 with BrownEngage

    This Impact is private

    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    February CPN meeting
    February CAB meeting
    CAB recruitment ongoing
    Modes of social change workshop/brainstorm
    CP working meetings
    - goals
    - pathways to engagement
    - social media features for partners/staff/students

    Gave 126.00 hours between 01/31/2021 and 02/27/2021 with BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    1/15/2021 - 1/29/2021
    CPN Planning
    Generating community impact metrics
    CAB planning
    CAB recruitment
    Addressing Systemic Racism Fund - Exhibit

    Gave 67.00 hours between 01/14/2021 and 01/28/2021 with BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    CPN - Preplanning for the February CPN meeting based on community partner input. We hope to incorporate more opportunities for networking based on issues area and programming in the next meeting.
    CAB - Research and assessment work is kicking off. Georgina is coming to the February meeting to discuss further and perhaps solicit individuals for a working group. Recruitment is still going strong! We had three members in the final stage who will be voted on in the February CAB meeting.
    Comms - The first #MeettheCommunityPartners feature was posted on Instagram and Facebook. This initiative highlights partner work and experiences. Greater comms convened to discuss cross-functional work. I will be helping Joshua and Marco with Black History Month comms.
    General - CP Working meeting outlined goals for the next year. Working on consolidating them and creating clear action items.

    Gave 37.50 hours between 01/10/2021 and 01/14/2021 with BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    First week back after break! I am looking forward to continued growth throughout my second half of service.

    CPN - The first CPN meeting of the year will be held next Tuesday. We met briefly to plan the meeting. Betsy will be joining to share Swearer updates and the Spring PiR will introduce themselves.
    CAB - first CAB meeting of the year was held on Wednesday. We have five new members! I am so happy to see the recruitment progress. Georgina and Betsy attended the meeting. Georgina provided insight on CAB-led research and assessment initiatives and Betsy provided Swearer updates.
    Comms - This week I supported the promotion of a CS course that aims to provide IT service to partners as the final project. I am also in contact with partners to feature them on our social media channels.

    Gave 37.60 hours between 01/03/2021 and 01/07/2021 with BrownEngage
    Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship

    CAB - We conducted two interviews this week and requested a vote from CAB members to confirm three candidates. Ideally, we will have 11 CAB members at the January CAB meeting. That means we are only 4 members away from our goal! We aim to fill the remaining spots by individuals who are recipients of organizations services.
    CPN - We have started the discussion around long term CPN planning (goals, greater engagement, etc). We also have planned the January meeting which will include "Phase 1" of research and assessment evaluation with community partners.
    Communications - the community partnership social media campaign has been developed and planned for the Spring. I have reviewed drafts with the Comms team and I look forward to highlighting our awesome partners!
    I look forward to restorative relaxation during the break and coming back in force in the new year!

    Gave 37.60 hours between 12/13/2020 and 12/17/2020 with BrownEngage