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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

With January being a very busy and productive month at SEG it was quite nice to get back to the standard pace and responsibilities for the month of February. My calendar and list of priorities were still full but it was not as much of a challenge to manage time wise as January was. For February the communications team worked to highlight some of the Black Owned Businesses that have been through an SEG program or partnered with SEG at some point. We continued our goals to make site visits and collect images/footage to of particular nonprofits or small businesses to promote their efforts on our social media pages. For February we made an effort to visit to Black owned and lead small businesses on site.

I have been offered to take on more responsibilities at SEG like exploring google analytics and social media analytics which I am very excited to look more into. I know compiling this data will be a big learning experience for me but I also know how beneficial of a skill it is to have as well as how important this data is to SEG's growth. I hope that by the end of March I will have more to report in regards to how my analytics training and experiences have gone. March will also have more activity as SEG is starting their Spring entrepreneur programs on March 8th. It's always one of the most fascinating times at SEG is learning of all the impressive and inspiring businesses/nonprofits that are interested in growing and in doing so have taken part in an SEG program.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

The month of January was perhaps the busiest month I have had to date at SEG and it really helped me grow in my time management skills and challenged me positively. At the start of the month SEG announced a new CEO which prompted the communications team to have a lot of work to do for informing the community, engaging with press, and navigating how and where to make the big announcement. It was also a big month for events for the nonprofit and small business community. SEG had their Fall 2022 Accelerator graduation where 14 entrepreneurs pitched their impactful nonprofits or businesses to the public. Only a few weeks after SEG was to host their annual nonprofit innovation lab event and showcase that was in partnership with United Way of Rhode Island. Not only was this a big event for the communications team to help organize and promote but it was also very educational for me to learn about the many exciting and innovative nonprofits at work in RI. While February is still going to be a busy month and contain more exciting opportunities I have a better grasp now after experiencing a bustling January on how to prioritize my responsibilities.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

I feel more invested than ever at SEG both in my personal commitment and workload. It is very relieving to know exactly what your role entails and more importantly to have the capacity and the confidence to fulfill the roles expectations. My time has been going by quite fast and I am soaking in as much as possible in the final 4 months at my placement site.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

October was one of the busiest months thus far at SEG. With RI startup week taking place in early October, SEG hosted and took part in many events that revolved around supporting startups. It was also the month for SEG to host their celebration of their founder and CEO Kelly Ramirez. I garnered more skills in outreach and event planning in the month of October because of these events. I continue to feel more confident in my VISTA role and eager to keep improving my skills.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

My VISTA term at SEG has been moving very fast and that feeling may be due to the increased projects that have taken place over the last month. The busier the activity is at SEG definitely plays a part in making the time fly by. The month of September differed from August as it was much more jam packed with projects, events, and transitions the organization was intending to make. I'm still enjoying my time at SEG and I feel very engrained into my routine and responsibilities at this point in time.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

My month of August at Social Enterprise Greenhouse was the lightest workload I have had thus far. I have learned that the end of Summer activities and responsibilities are usually slow at SEG as they have no programs running during that period. It was actually very nice to not have to have significant projects to complete during August because it gave my team and I to start prepping for the business that September will bring. For August much of my work consisted of narrowing my role and responsibilities. There has been a lot of turnover as well as new hiring at SEG and it was important for the organizations staff to reassess and iterate what their goals are for the team. One new involvement I have started with SEG is recently joining the team building group, which is a small group of staff that organizes activities or small events that allow for team/staff bonding. I think having staff connection allows for the work done within the organization to run more smoothly and successfully. SEG aims to promote a sense of community and connection so having the staff reflect that energy is immensely important.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

The month of July was a very active and exciting month for Social Enterprise Greenhouse. The long awaited Impact Accelerator Graduation was held on 7/14. The entrepreneurs were able to pitch their small businesses and social impact to the public. It was a very inspiring and well crafted event that I was happy to be able to assist in organizing. I'm still very much enjoying my time at Social Enterprise Greenhouse and I've gained more confidence in the tasks I'm expected to carry out. I have had opportunities to practice and learn outreach skills that have been perhaps my biggest professional development for the month of July.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

Over the past month my responsibilities at SEG have grown a lot and I've been able to professionally develop many skills as a result. I am at a place now where I believe I have a better awareness of SEG's mission and their methods of operation. To be able to fully digest and comprehend what is discussed within staff meetings has really increased my confidence, which in turn makes me eager to volunteer myself for more projects. Since my last reflection I have assisted more with writing some of newsletter and then organizing all the content for the newsletter to be sent. I also volunteered myself to help SEG apply for a Google Ad for Non-Profit grant. While it wasn't exactly grant writing it was still very educational for me to witness and assist in some of the grant application process. SEG also had one of their big events in the past month to celebrate all the volunteer advisors that offer their time and expertise to social impact entrepreneurs. In the next month I am looking forward for more opportunities to increase my skillsets. One project that is in the works involves myself and another staff member visiting local small businesses that has been involved in an SEG program. It will be very exciting to film and highlight small businesses that are doing impactful work and giving back to the community.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

I am starting to get more settled into my role at SEG. Having had time to learn what my responsibilities are and now execute them has made me feel fully onboarded. I have had more opportunities to recognize entrepreneurs within the SEG ecosystem and have done so by highlighting them throughout SEG's social media channels. In the past month I have also had the experience of shadowing in on two of the programs SEG offers. During these programs I got to hear entrepreneurs describe and pitch their vision for how their non-profit is giving back to the community.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

My first few weeks at SEG have been very informative and insightful as I began my time serving in the non-profit world. I have learned in detail the mission SEG has to create a more resilient community. Being apart of the communications team I have been assigned to research strategies for increasing engagement with a latinx audience on social media. SEG has worked hard to ensure that they are a bilingual organization to encourage volunteers/entrepreneurs/advisors to be apart of their organization even if english is not their first language.

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